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1033 2023-06-05 Notice for Extension of holiday summer recess   Click here
1032 2023-06-05 Notice for B.A Program Female 5th Semester Marksheet Distribution   Click here
1031 2023-06-02 Notice for B.A/B.Com(Hons)5th Semester Review   Click here
1030 2023-05-31 Notice for B.A/B.Com(Hons)5th Semester Marksheet Distribution   Click here
1029 2023-05-23 Notice for Holiday   Click here
1028 2023-05-23 Notice for 5th Semester Students   Click here
1027 2023-05-22 Notice for B.A/B.Com(Hons/Program)2nd Semester Admission   Click here
1026 2023-05-20 Notice for B.A/B.Com(Hons/Program)6th Semester Examination Form Fill Up   Click here
1025 2023-05-20 Notice for B.A Program 1st Semester Practical Examination   Click here
1024 2023-05-19 Notice Inviting Quotations- RO+UV water purifier   Click here
1023 2023-05-19 Notice Inviting Quotations- Water Purifier cum Cooler   Click here
1020 2023-05-18 Revised Notice for B.A Geography 1st Semester Programme Course   Click here
1019 2023-05-16 Notice for Geography Program Practical 1st Semester   Click here
1018 2023-05-16 Notice for Geography Hons Practical 1st Semester   Click here
1017 2023-05-16 Last Notice for Admission to B.A/B.Com(Hons/Program)6th Semester   Click here
1016 2023-05-06 Notice for MA Regular 1st Semester   Click here
1014 2023-04-28 Notice for MA Regular Bengali 4th Semester   Click here
1013 2023-04-25 LIST OF STUDENTS   Click here
1012 2023-04-25 NOTICE FOR UG SECTION   Click here
1010 2023-04-25 Notice for B.A/B.Com(Hons/Program) 1st Semester   Click here