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925 2022-12-06 Notice for Reopening Of Admission of 3rd & 5th Semester   Click here
924 2022-12-05 Notice for MA Regular 3rd Semester   Click here
923 2022-12-03 Notice for Library Card Distribution   Click here
920 2022-12-01 Notice for B.A Program 1st Semester I Card Distribution   Click here
919 2022-11-28 Notice for B.A/B.Com(Hons/Program)5th Semester   Click here
918 2022-11-26 Notice for B.A/B.Com(Program)1st,3rd nd 5th Oasis and Aikyasree Form Submission   Click here
917 2022-11-24 Notice for MA Bengali Regular 1st Semester Admission Verification   Click here
916 2022-11-22 Notice for B.A/B.Com(Hons) Semester -III Oasis and Aikyashree form Submission   Click here
915 2022-11-22 Notice for B.A/B.Com(Hons/Program) Semester -V Examination Fees and Form Fill-Up   Click here
914 2022-11-19 Notice for B.A Program Male 2nd Semester Marksheet Distribution   Click here
912 2022-11-14 Notice for MA Regular Mode 1st Semester Class Notification   Click here
911 2022-11-12 Notice for B.A/B.Com(Hons)1st/5th Semester Oasis Scholarship Form Submission   Click here
910 2022-11-12 Notice for B.A/B.Com(Hons) 1st/3rd/5th Semester Swami Vivekananda Scholarship(Hindu) Form Submission   Click here
909 2022-11-12 Notice for B.A(Program)Female 2nd Semester Examination 2022 Marksheet Distribution   Click here
908 2022-11-07 Last Notice for Admission to B.A/B.Com(Hons/Program)3rd and 5th Semester   Click here
906 2022-11-05 Notice for B.A/B.Com(Hons)2nd Semester Examination 2022 Marksheet Distribution   Click here
905 2022-11-05 Notice for Student Credit Card Meeting on 07/11/2022   Click here
904 2022-11-05 Notice for B.A/B.Com(Hons)1st Semester Notice for Scholarship   Click here
903 2022-11-05 Notice for Final Verification of B.A/B.Com(Hons/Program)1st Semester Session 2022-2023   Click here
902 2022-10-29 B.A/B.Com(Hons)1st &5th Semester SC/ST/OBC-B &Aikyashree(OBC-A) Form Submission   Click here