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1173 2023-12-05 Notice for Observing Annual Sports Day on 22.12.2023 and 23.12.2023   Click here
1172 2023-12-05 Notic for Observing of Human Rights Day on 11.12.2023   Click here
1171 2023-12-05 Notice of Political Science Department 5th Semester Hons for Internal Assessment   Click here
1170 2023-12-05 Notice of Philosophy Department for Attendance of 1st 3rd and 5th Semester   Click here
1169 2023-12-05 Notice for BA Physical Education Class Test Examination   Click here
1168 2023-12-05 Notice for Internal Assessment of 5th Semester History Hons   Click here
1167 2023-12-04 Notice for Department of Education for Attendance   Click here
1174 2023-12-03 Notice inviting tender dated 03.12.2023   Click here
1165 2023-12-02 Notice for MA Regular 4th Semester Marksheet Distribution   Click here
1164 2023-12-02 Notice for English Department for Class Attendance   Click here
1163 2023-12-02 Notice for Political Science for Class Attrndance   Click here
1162 2023-12-02 Notice for Observation of The Constitution Day on 4th December   Click here
1161 2023-12-02 Notice of Department of Commerce for Regular Attendance   Click here
1160 2023-11-29 Notice for B.A/B.Com(Hons/Program)3rd Semester Admission   Click here
1159 2023-11-29 Notice for 1st 3rd & 5th Semester History Students   Click here
1158 2023-11-25 Notice for MA Bengali Regular 1st &3rd Semester   Click here
1157 2023-11-25 Notice for Holiday   Click here
1156 2023-11-17 Books Tender Dated   Click here
1153 2023-11-17 Notice for MDC Course Selection   Click here
1152 2023-11-15 Notice for College Reopening   Click here