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873 2022-08-10 Notice for Holiday N   Click here
871 2022-08-10 Notice for Pre Revised Schedule of MA4th Semester Bengali Regular   Click here
870 2022-08-10 Pre Revised Notice for MA2nd Semester Bengali Regular   Click here
869 2022-08-10 Notice for Holiday   Click here
868 2022-08-08 Notice for Holiday   Click here
867 2022-08-06 Notice for MA Regular Bengali 2nd & 4th Semester Admit Card Distribution   Click here
866 2022-08-06 Notice for B.A Program Male 6th Semester Marksheet Distribution   Click here
865 2022-08-06 Notice for B.A/B.Com(Hons/Program)2nd Semester Examination Form Fill Up   Click here
864 2022-08-06 Notice for 2nd Semester AECC(MIL)-English Internal Examination   Click here
863 2022-08-04 Notice for Holiday   Click here
862 2022-08-02 Notice for Practical Geography Hons 4th Semester   Click here
861 2022-07-29 Notice for B.A Program Female 6th Semester Examination 2022 Marksheet Distribution   Click here
860 2022-07-28 Notice for B.A Geography Program 4th Semester Practical   Click here
859 2022-07-25 Notice for B.A/ B.Com(Hons/ Program)2nd Semester   Click here
858 2022-07-25 Notice for B.A Hons 2nd Semester History GE Internal Examination   Click here
857 2022-07-22 Norice for B.A Geography Hons 4th Semester SEC Practical Examination ( Fieldwork)   Click here
856 2022-07-21 Notice for B.A/B.Com (Hons/Program)6th Semester Library Books Submission   Click here
855 2022-07-20 Notice for B.A/B.Com( Hons)6th Semester Marksheet Distribution   Click here
854 2022-07-18 Kalyani University Notice regarding Admission 2022-2023   Click here
853 2022-07-18 Notice for New Admission 2022-2023   Click here